Gospel Bass Guitar Tips

The bass guitar is the foundation of contemporary gospel music. It is characterized by a syncopated and driving beat. It combines elements of funk, rhythm and blues, soul music and jazz. Although, some bass guitar styles are relatively simple this is not the case for the role that the bass guitar plays in gospel music.

If you are a beginner, it will be necessary to learn the basic techniques for bass guitar. In order to play gospel bass you need to develop your skills well enough to play at an intermediate level. You can accomplish this by adopting an intelligent practice regimen that includes learning to play all the major and minor scales in all positions, understanding chord relationships and being able to transpose to all keys, and working on timing and rhythm exercises with a metronome.

Study gospel bass techniques and riffs. Find a good teacher who can show you the different riffs and runs that are used, and the different techniques employed to play them. If it is not possible to find a local teacher in your area, the Internet is a very valuable resource. The most informative online source for gospel bass lessons is Gospel Bass Lines. You will be able to watch video lessons, read interviews with the most prominent gospel bass guitarists, and learn about the history of the instrument.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques, the next step is to develop a repertoire of gospel songs. Become familiar with the gospel songbook. It is not possible to know too many. It is essential that you understand music theory well enough that you can transpose any song. For example, if you have learned the song in the Key of G major but, at church service, it is being played in E-flat, you should be able to change the key without any difficulty. As you are learning the gospel songbook, practice playing the songs in different keys.

A good way to improve the quality of your playing is to supplement your own theoretical training by watching and listening to talented players. This can be done by attending live performances and listening to CDs. This will provide you with musical ideas and allow you to evaluate the level of your own playing. Good players steal riffs and licks from one another all the time as they are developing their own style.

Play with other musicians as much as you can. Do your homework and practice, be prepared, know the songs and play at every opportunity. The best way to develop as a musician is to play with other musicians. Seek out players who are better than you, this will force you to be at the top of your game. Concentrate on the drummer. The bass guitar and the drums are the essential part of the rhythm section. A good bass player knows how to lock in with the drummer so they can play as one unit.

Approved by Jesse Anderson