How to Handle the Baby Blues

After you deliver, you may go through a difficult time adjusting to life with a new baby. You may experience what is called the "baby blues." If you experience the baby blues, you may cry for no apparent reason, feel slightly depressed and may even show a lack of interest in your new baby. A lack of help, tiredness and hormones are responsible for causing the baby blues. Luckily, the baby blues usually get better after a few weeks. The following steps will help you return to normal a bit sooner.

Take a nap when your baby goes to sleep. As a new mother, you may feel compelled to take care of everything. However, if you are really tired and your baby is sleeping, take a nap when she does--the laundry can wait!

If you feel rested and your baby is asleep or awake and quiet, take a nice hot bath. Hot water can be very relaxing--and allowing yourself to relax can be very refreshing. Bathe with a favorite soap or a wonderfully scented bath gel that you love.

Read a good book. Reading is very therapeutic. Indulge in a romantic or comical tale and allow your mind to relax.

Talk to a friend. Having a conversation with a good friend and expressing your frustrations about being a new mother is a great way to get out of the baby blues. If possible, talk with a friend who has just had a baby. She will be able to empathize with you.

Invite a friend over for lunch or dinner. You should do this even if your house is not as clean as you think it should be. Having company is a great way to beat the blues. And your friend may even be willing to watch the baby while you take a bath and relax.

Turn on some music. Listening to music is another great way to snap out of the baby blues funk. Put on some tunes, put your baby in a sling and enjoy a day of relaxation. The music may also be soothing to your baby as well.

Eat a balanced diet and be careful not to eat too many fattening foods. A good, balanced diet will give you more energy, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Consider hiring a postpartum doula if you need additional help around the house and cannot find someone to do it. A postpartum doula will come in and help take care of the baby or do light housework.

Remember that the baby blues is a very normal part of the postpartum period.

If you feel that the baby blues is becoming more intense, call your doctor.

If you feel extremely depressed or have thoughts about injuring yourself or the baby, get help immediately.

Approved by Jesse Anderson