How to Have a Funky Style

While clothing and accessories are an integral part of your style, being funky is as much about attitude as it is about what you are wearing. As a matter of fact, the less thought you give to your clothes, the funkier you will be. Check out a few of these ideas to have a funky style and express your own individual style.

Try to always be at least a little inappropriate everywhere you go. Slouch at the symphony and hold your nose in the air at a rock concert. Wear sneakers with suits and pearls with a t-shirt.

Check out other eras for ideas that you could incorporate into your funkiness. Retro is really in, from the ducktails and greasy heads to long uncombed locks for men, to the bouffant and pixie cut for women. Mix some of the retro looks that are so popular now with accessories and other pieces of clothing that are more modern.

Walk around as if you are plugged in to some funky blues music all the time, whether you've got an iPod in your ear or not. Funky style requires a funky trot indicating that you walk to a beat.

Hang out at art galleries and coffee houses. Sip a little latte and act as if you have in your head the secrets of the universe. Funky people often do.

Dress like you are colorblind and never taught to match. Wear stripes with plaids, satin with denim and two skirts of different lengths at the same time. And definitely find a funky hat that can serve as your signature.

Carry yourself with confidence that your style is the next undiscovered fashion.

Approved by Jesse Anderson