How to Mix Music on the PC for Free

Mixing music on your PC can be costly if done with expensive music creation software; however, you can mix your music for free on your PC. Free music creation software can be downloaded online. Software such as Sonar, Garageband and Audacity allows you to not only mix your own music, it also aids in helping you maintain vocal effects as well as instrument manipulation. By mixing music on your PC for free you will save time and money as well.

Open a music creation program that has on-board mixer. Download free music software online if you don't have one.

Import the song you want to mix into the program by selecting "Import" from the File menu.

Select the on-board mixer and move the sliders on the interface to control volume. Select additional effects to mix the song with, such as Delay and Limiter.

Save the song once you have mixed it to your liking.

Approved by Jesse Anderson