How to Play a Slapstick Bass

There are several different types of bass players depending on the type of music played. Many funk and blues players utilize a slapstick style that produces a unique sound. The easiest way to learn how to play slapstick bass is by taking music lessons. However, there are some steps you can take to begin learning how to play slapstick bass.

Rest your forearm on the bass and prepare to use your thumb to slap the bass strings. Hover over the bass strings with your hand. You thumb should be parallel to the string.

Slap the first bass string with your thumb using your wrist. You will want to thump or hit the actual string. This is different than playing in the normal style, in which you would pull down on the string.

Pull off the second, third or fourth strings with your index and third fingers. This will produce a different sound than the thumping sound your thumb will produce.

Alternate between the thumb thump and the finger pull-off. Keep practicing this technique in order to master slapstick bass.

Practice a simple funk song that incorporates a slapstick bass style. Visit (see Resources section) to access some simple bass riffs.

Approved by Jesse Anderson