How to Reset Free Play Mode in 'Dance Dance Revolution 2' for Wii

"Dance Dance Revolution 2," or "Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party," is an interactive rhythm dance game for the Nintendo Wii. Gamers can play the Groove Circuit Mode, which will allow them to unlock new songs and outfits, or use the Free Play Mode, which is useful for practicing unlocked songs. A player in this mode may need to reset the song and try a particular section again.

Specify the number of players while in Free Play Mode, then choose a song to play.

Press the "A" button to begin the song.

Hold the "+" button at any point during the song to stop it and return to the Free Play Menu.

Reset songs in the Groove Circuit Mode using this same technique. This can be helpful if you're attempting to go for high scores or note streaks. Resetting will not force you to play through an entire song after making a mistake.

Approved by Jesse Anderson