Learn Jazz Piano Online

Jazz piano is a fast-moving form of piano playing and is often the lead sound in a jazz ensemble. If you want to learn jazz piano, you can do so by taking piano lessons with an instructor or by learning the fundamentals of the piano style on your own. While it doesn't offer the same level of instruction that you get with a personal piano teacher, studying the jazz piano courses and instruction offered online can give you a good foundation in jazz piano basics and techniques.

Get the bare fundamentals of playing piano with the online program Learn Piano By Chords. Click on "The Basics" category to get familiar with the piano keyboard, learn the notes on the keyboard, study chords and practice scales.

Learn some basic jazz piano techniqes on the Learn Piano By Chords website by clicking on the "Jazz" category link. The lesson on the website walks you through a jazz song, note-by-note and technique-by-technique, with the intention of teaching you how to play one song on jazz piano.

Add to the basics with the Learn Jazz Piano website. You must sign up for an account on the website in order to access the features, but once you have signed up, all of the site's features are free. Some of the free features that can be found at Learn Jazz Piano include scales, extended chords and lead sheets.

Learn from other jazz pianists at the Learn Jazz Piano website, as well. If you have specific questions or need help on a specific technique, you can access the forums on the site by choosing the "Threads" option from the drop-down list at the top of the page. On the forums, you can communicate with fellow site members, ask questions and offer advice of your own.

Watch jazz piano video lessons at Jazz Piano Online. Lessons offered include improvisation, chords and musical arrangements. While Jazz Piano Online is mostly a pay service, some lessons are available for free.

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