Short Hairstyles With Funky Colors for Teens

Teens are often looking for ways to truly express who they are as people. An easy way to express oneself is through hairstyle and color. With the endless options for hair color, teens can choose from an array of funky colors that show their personalities and brighten their own personal style. If you are a teen looking to change your look, consider doing so with a short hair cut layered with funky colors. They are a good way to make yourself stand out from the crowd and assert your personality.

A short haircut is a good hairstyle to do an all over funky color. Because the hair is short, the funky colors aren't overwhelming but interesting. When you go to have your hair done, ask your hairstylist for a versatile short hair cut; try asking for a pixie if you have good features, and then ask for an all over color. Colors that work well for the entire head are those that are funky but still neutral, so you don't find your hair clashing with your clothes. Consider a deep maroon, plum purple or even a jet black all over to bring out the life in your short hair cut. Style with molding creme to bring in texture and shine, as all over color can dull the hair.

If you love the look of funky colors but aren't ready to commit to an all over hair color, choose streaks of color scattered through out your hair. This look is best with a short bob, so the streaks can stand out against the straight hair color. Ask your hairstylist for a graduated bob, and then ask for streaks of color throughout. You'll want to start with a dark base, and then bleach strips of hair in preparation for the color. Because this is not overwhelming, you can choose from a wide variety of funky colors; hot pink, electric blue and bright purple all look great with dark hair.

Layered color looks especially funky with lighter colored hair, that is shoulder length and shorter, but still straight. The purpose of layered hair color is to bring out the texture and layering of a hair cut. Ask your hair stylist for a heavily layered cut, and then have her dye only the underside or bottom layer of the hair. The result is a funky dye job that looks normal on the top, but has shocking peeks of color through the bottom. Choose colors like pink or red to really set off lighter hair.

Approved by Jesse Anderson