From May 2011 Blues Blast Magazine reviewer James Walker: "On this CD, Chicago's legendary "Ow-Wow" man, Jesse Anderson, releases all of his Funk & Blues from the 60's and 70's.

"His biggest song "I Got a Problem" has been covered by a lot of artists, including Buddy Guy and Albert Collins, but Jesse's original is one of the ultimate "guilty pleasure" blues classics. "Your Letter" - this love song to every listener is a perfect slice of the 1960's; a crispy chorus crust, a rich and buttery horn section and a tart cherry filling of affection mixed with angst. Once one takes a bite, one will savor the flavor of this bygone era. "Send Me Some Lovin COD" - even if one can’t remember what the acronym stands for, one will find this raunchy rendition delivers! The vocals here are reminiscent of Motown, but with a tangy twist.

"Mighty Mighty", a quirky instrumental that is the prototype of 1970's music, is an eclectic mix of bright orange wah-wah pedal, fiery red guitar, black rat-a-tat drums adding their percussive splotches to the musical palette, and a pale blue flute solo providing relaxation. If you want to return to the era of Free Love, fall in love with this song.

"For serious collectors who do not already possess these songs, here is an indispensable time capsule of a Chicago music era from an incredible singer and songwriter!"

I believe that one of the greatest honors an artist can know is to have an upcoming young artist to select one of his first recordings to cover. I’m speaking of a young artist that I discovered by accident on Blues Underground.Blogspot.

He’s a guitar player with the Fabulous Thunderbirds - and his name is Johnny Moeller. His new release - released in April - includes one of my first songs that I ever recorded for Federal Records - “I Got a Feeling”.

I believe that Johnny has the heart and potential of being the next greatest blues star since Stevie Rae Vaughn. I had a chance to see the video showcasing his charisma and his aggressive style of guitar playing - and pick Johnny to be “the next one”.

Jesse Anderson